Friday, February 19, 2010


As you can see I gave my blog a bit of a face-lift... after an hour of playing with different backgrounds and editing various headers, I settled on this. Hope you like it!

Its been a quiet day.

I've been going great-guns on Rowan's crocheted rabbit. Its a real treat to make and the challenge that I've been looking for. I get a bit bored crocheting toques, mitts and scarves... this has been excellent - thinking outside the box again! I've got the entire front side of the rabbit done except for the ears and I've got her back and the back of one of the legs finished. I still have to do the arms (both sides) and both ears. I might have it all done tonight and can start stuffing it tomorrow. I forgot that I had clean carded wool in my closet so I'll use that to stuff Miss Bunny.

I talked to my friend's aunt who is a potter about making some pottery-buttons. I thought that would be totally organic and crunchy! She said she'll give me some clay and I can make them myself! I talked to my friend's mom who also made some buttons about the challenges involved and I'm really looking forward to it. Each bunny gets three buttons - two eyes and a belly button (quite literally a belly 'button' this time!). I'm so excited to give it a whirl.

I'm going to make some hot chocolate. I ate an early supper and am getting ready to go out with Jill for coffee after she eats some supper, too.

The casserole turned out great last night! It was SO good. I highly recommend it but be careful you don't overcook the hash browns... mine were just on the verge of being overdone and would have been mashed potatoes if I had cooked them any longer. I think the next time I make this I'll use my mixer/slicer and make the hash browns from scratch. Delicious.

Should get a move on.

Talk to you soon!


  1. hey darlin'
    you might want to think about fimo for buttons or good ol' plastic... I have nothing at all against clay or the making of buttons, my only thought of concern in Rowan eating them. But then again, a li'l dirt rarely hurt anybody.
    AND I love the new layout, its very pretty.

  2. For sure! Fimo would be great. I'll give the clay ones a try. Your mom mentioned that they're tricky to make. If they don't turn out then I'll definitely give Fimo a whirl.