Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hope you're all doin' good.

Things here are good. Its been a moderately busy day.

I had tea with Auntie Gloria this morning - always a good time!

I did some shopping earlier this afternoon, picked up a few things at Liquidation World (like a shower radio for $1!) and popped by the Bookman to see what they had new (not that I need anything new to read!!). Was going to stop in at Logan's Hardware but they're moving to the old grocery store (Overwaitea, I think) on the corner of Mill and Victoria. They've been busy renovating. I'm going to call tomorrow to ask when they'll be open again (unless one of my avid readers knows when haha). They've done a great job with the old building! It looks really swanky now - much better then it did with all the random shops in it.

I've got myself another volunteer gig for the next two weeks. Our church secretary is leaving us so we're on the hunt for someone to replace her. In the meantime, I'll be answering the phones, directing traffic, receiving parcels and taking bookings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9 to 11am. It'll be good experience, I just hope I do a good job!

Our praise group will be getting some new music... six or seven new songs for us to start working on. I'm thrilled but I really was hoping for us to work on some brand-new songs that I don't already know. I already know all the ones we picked yesterday. Oh well, it'll be nice to work on some new stuff. We're starting with 'Come, Now is the Time to Worship' next Wednesday.

I should get a move on - I've got date squares to bake. One of the older gals passed away last week. I think she was 92. I joined the funeral baking group and got my first call last week - one pan of squares comin' up! I'll deliver them to the church tomorrow before 11. I figured date squares are easy enough... the date filling is cooling right now. I've also volunteered to help clean up at about 2:30/3ish after all the mourners have gone home. Better get bakin'!

Talk to you soon!

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