Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello to my peeps!

Sorry I haven't written lately. Like I told auntie Gloria, I stopped posting regularly when my laptop started to die and it was taking forever to load the pages. Then I got this spiffy new computer and it has a different browser (firefox) and it isn't as easy to bookmark pages like you can with Explorer. That's the only detractor from this browser - I love everything else about it! I had a routine of going through my list of web pages and blogs but now I have to actively remember which pages I want to look at. And my memory often fails me! whoops, eh?

But, I'm doing fine otherwise!

Jen's husband Elie flew out to the Dominican Republic (DR) today. He's taking some aid with him and then is going to his mom's to get their papers together so she can go back to France with his nephew (or cousin, can't remember). He's supposed to be there for two weeks and I sincerely hope that's all he's gone for - its too hard on my Jen otherwise. She heard from him today (he has cell service in the DR so we'll just have to wait and see if he calls tomorrow from Haiti. I hope he has cell service there, too. He arrived safely and made a couple of friends who helped him get to the bus station with his many bags. Now he just has to cross the border. Please keep him in your prayers.

Frank, the dad of the family I work for, is on his way home to Chilliwack after spending the last three and a half weeks in Haiti. I can't speak for his family, but I know I'm relieved to have him back in Canada! I'm not sure what his friend Chad is up to. Please keep the work they're doing down there in your prayers.

Jen and I took a break from all the craziness of life today and took a drive into Coquitlam to hit up IKEA. We had a hoot. I didn't buy much - uber tight budget this month - but it was fun to look at all the pretty things - especially the baby things! (no comment).

Well, I've got a bit of tidying to do. My pal Kathy is coming over for tea tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing her! Its been a while! Plus she's bringing me back one of my favourite books that I've been dying to lend my sister (Second Glance by Jodi Picoult).

I'll endevour to write more often. I do miss it!

Talk to you soon!

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