Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello folks!

Hope you're all doing good.

Things here have been pretty good. I spent some more time at the office, taking calls for the tow truck company. There was one call in the three hours I was there today... it was uber quiet. It would almost be nice if it would rain so there would be a few accidents and therefore more calls for me to practice on! (But that would be a horrible thing to hope for so I won't wish for that!)

In the meantime I've done some bead and wire work. A necklace and three pairs of earrings. One pair is currently adorning my sister's ears.

I was given a whole bunch of rainbow coloured beads, all different shapes and sizes. There is a pattern - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Its wire wrapped which takes forever and is hard on the thumbs. I think I'll wear it to church on Sunday.

I saw a pair of similar earrings on a friend and decided that I could most definitely make some myself. I rooted through my box of beads/supplies and put these together. I also made a pale blue pair... I'll get them back from Jill at some point and will take a pic of them. The white ones are fresh water pearls and the bright blue ones are just plain glass beads. The pale blue ones I made that Jill is wearing are made from shell.

I also did a major over-haul of my living room. It just wasn't working the way it was so the pieces that I could move, got moved (my arm chair and ottoman, my bookcase and my sewing table). I think the living room flows much better! I'm going to do a little bit of a dinette switcheroo in a bit... my air conditioner is moving into the living room (I made room for it by moving my sewing desk)... which will free up more space behind the kitchen table! Yay for space and simplifying things.

Jill and I are going out in a bit so I should go get ready.

Moving Forward with Joy!

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  1. the jewelry looks lovely! I especially love the design and colors of the necklace! Glad you're doing well.