Thursday, May 6, 2010


Its late, late, late right now (3am). I made the mistake of taking a nap this afternoon and now, by gum, I can't sleep. *grumble* Its my own fault, though.

Things here are good. I took a walk down memory lane earlier today. I bought some yogourt that tasted exactly like the kind mom used to buy when we were kids. She'd buy plain yogourt and we'd flavour it with vanilla extract and a bit of sugar. This tastes much like that but is pre-mixed. I've been on the hunt for some good yogourt that isn't full of chemicals and gelatine. I'm not vegetarian or anything and I don't oppose gelatine on a moral level... I just don't want it in my yogourt! Its one thing to eat it in stuff like marshmallows, 5cent candies and Jello, but I don't think it belongs anywhere near something that's supposed to be healthy!

I asked a few of my crunchy friends where a yogourt without gelatine might exist and they directed me to the Olympia brand or Balkan-style... and gosh, does it ever make a difference. Now, these yogourts aren't exactly low-fat! But for the little yogourt I eat, its nice to know that I'm not eating something thickened with gelatine!

Oh, and I just discovered that my medication capsules are actually made of gelatine. How delicious. Oh well... c'est la vie.

I had my last morning in the AJ Towing office today. It went well but was really quiet. I took two calls. One call was for a tow and the other was a question about a car that was in impound. I dispatched the truck but gave the secretary the call about the car in impound since that's not something I'll deal with while on night shift. I'm going to meet their night dispatcher on Saturday (she covers the weekends) and have coffee with her at her house and hope that the lines are busy. They said they won't have me work during 'rotation', thankfully. Rotation is when the RCMP uses us for all their tow jobs and lasts two weeks out of every six. Apparently its pretty nuts during that time!

Worship practice tonight went well, too. Everyone was super good about not harassing me about Sunday and my siesta con the church floor. They were overly interested in my new job but that's a million times better then having to re-hash my seizure from each point of view. I don't know if one of them reads this blog or if they're just experienced enough to know I'm a bigger fan of just 'moving on'... at any rate, hello to which ever one of you is reading my blog! teehee.

Frig. I'm not the least bit tired. Time to do some dishes. Maybe chores will make me sleepy! Here's hoping!

Moving forward with Joy!

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you. Glad things are going well.