Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good afternoon!

Wow. Its been a long time since I wrote. Yikes.

Nothing super exciting has happened, honestly, but I keep chugging along merrily.

Jill's trailer is *almost* done. It just needs a floor. She hopes to be gone by Friday or Saturday to Saskatchewan. It would be nice if it was a bit cooler for the drive but there's not much hope of that! She plans to leave uber early in the morning so that she can get the drive through the Canyon done early. Then its onward to dusty Alberta.

Tazer has a possible case of Strangles. Basically its a really nasty disease that's spread easily from horse to horse. So if Tazer has Strangles then she won't be taking him to Saskatchwan. She was supposed to have heard back from the lab about whether or not it is Strangles but apparently the a/c at the lab broke down and everyone went home and no work got done... so we'll have to wait another day to hear the results.

Now that the trailer is all but done, dad set up the pool! Woot! I'm really excited about that and plan to go for a dip tonight. Yay!

Aunty Bev is in town, staying at mom and dad's, so we're going to have a birthday supper for her tonight.

I'm off to A's in a bit. We're going to bake chocolate chip cookies, if she's up for it. I'm going to pack a change of clothes so that we can jump into her pool if the mood strikes us. Will see. Hope she's up for that - I know I will be!

Talk to you soon,

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