Friday, July 10, 2009


Gosh, its been a while since I posted!

All is well in my world.

I've been working two days a week with A. I was there on Thursday and we branched out from desserts into dinners - we made Shepherd's Pie. I think it turned out ok but I'll get the official word when I'm there tomorrow (Saturday). A is doing good and is very excited about going to camp. I wanted to send her mail while she's there but I looked into it too late... you have to send it 2 weeks before the camp's start date. Oh well. I'll remember for next year.

Went over to the minister's family's house tonight for supper with the rest of the Sunday school people (me, Madelene, Jackie and Ron). It was a lot of fun but I felt like a wilted flower by the end of it - I was pretty tired.

Was at Parkholm this morning (gosh, was it only this morning!) and had a good time. Did some one-on-one with one of the more confused ladies. She's normally very chatty and active but today we just sat in the sun for 35 minutes and then came inside and sat in the dining room til someone came and pulled me away for the pool. Pool went well. It was nice to be there for an hour ahead of time with the other lady... made it feel like the long walk there was worth it. I also had a lunch date with mom. She's been covering for another guy, doing an administrative job, and today was her last day there. We had a good visit and a lovely lunch. I'll have to go up to the floor to see her now, not down the hall at Parkholm anymore!

Talked to Jenny this afternoon. The phone was ringing as I was opening my front door. I made a mad dash to get to it and made it just in time! We chatted for at least 45 minutes, catching up on all the happenings. I sure do miss her and the kids (and Josh too). She said she's going to send some pictures in her next letter so I can see what everything looks like there - I'll post a few here, too.

Jill is heading out to Saskatchewan next week to work with her old bosses - Dave and Paula. She's really looking forward to going but I will miss her big time! I'm happy for her though, so that's good. I know Dave and Paula will take good care of her, so I'm not too worried about her well-being. tee hee.

I should hit the hay but will post again sooner rather than later.

Talk to you soon!

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