Monday, July 20, 2009


I was up late tonight, sewing away. I made these:

They're tea-towel aprons. I didn't realise it, but I bought the HUGEST tea towels known to creation in a four-pack. I made one for Shea, Eli, Rowan and my guitar teacher's son, Max. I back stitched their names onto each apron... fortunately they all their names are short! They're super easy to make which is how I managed to sew up four of them in three hours... I hemmed them quite a bit, even Shea's, which will work out... they'll grow along with the kids. Rowan won't wear hers for quite a while yet, though! Tee hee!

I have already been to bed once tonight... I bought dad Benazir Bhutto's autobiography for Christmas and am giving it a good read. I'm about half way through and wow, does she ever do a good job of explaining Pakistani politics! I'm completely impressed with this gal and am kind of embarassed/ashamed that I take my democratic freedoms for granted. She, her family, friends and supporters all suffered harshly for believing in equal rights and freedom for all, for believing that Pakistan could be a democratic Muslim country! They believed in things that that I've taken for granted my whole life because I've always lived in a free country. Wow. It was a real wake-up call tonight.

Tee hee. a 'wake up call'... that's probably why I can't sleep!

Anyway. I think I'll give sleep another try.

Talk to you soon!

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