Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello folks!

I've been doing my best to keep busy and it would appear that my attempt has been successful - I completely forgot about my blog until just a little bit ago. Yikes!

Things here have been good. Dad and Jill are going great-guns on her horse trailer. Its almost finished and boy does it ever look good! Good choice on the paint colours, for sure. And I'm told that its mechanically awesome, too, though I wouldn't know. I had a look underneath and it looked fine to me but I wouldn't be a good judge of that sort of thing! Dad and Jill started wiring it today and will continue tomorrow. Jill is excited about leaving and figures she'll be on the road this time next week. Sure will miss her!

Have been working two days a week with A. We have a great time, as usual. We ventured into the meal-spectrum and made shepherd's pie which I was told turned out pretty good. A is at camp this week but when she gets back we'll resume our baking adventures.

Am heading to Parkholm tomorrow with Michelle. She and I have been hanging out a bit lately. Its nice to chat with someone over a cuppa tea. Helps that she's my age. We're going to walk to the hospital together tomorrow and I'll do my thing at Parkholm while she does some hospital visits (she's going to school to be a Diaconal minister in the United Church). She lives just up the road from me... its a good arrangement.

Tomorrow evening I'm heading over to Melissa's. She was given five boxes of patterns and has invited me over for a 'pattern party'. I'm excited!

Well. Bed is calling me.

Talk to you soon!

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