Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello folks!

Had a good day today.

Worked a bit with A, we got her all packed for camp - she's so excited! We had a really good afternoon together. I asked her what she wanted to bake when she came back... I told her we could make something special... she pondered it for a little bit and then asked for a white cake with no icing. tee hee. Of course we can!! I told that story to mom and Aunty Bev and mom suggested we make a busy day cake. I think we'll do just that!

Aunty Bev is in town again. She's planning to move to Qualicum Beach (near Nanaimo) but will be staying with mom and dad for a few days, I think. I went over there for supper tonight (we had our first batch of chwk corn! Yum!)... after supper we went for a walk through the garden and picked swiss chard, green beans and peas. YUM!

And guess what? Its my favourite time of the year! (Well... kinda) Its blueberry season! YAY! The one fruit I can eat is ripe and I'm going to freeze a whole flat (25lbs) this year! Mom picked up 10 lbs today down the road from her and wow, were they ever good! I'm excited to have blueberries in my freezer, to say the least. Not to mention all the fresh ones I can eat myself silly on!

Am missing Jen and Jenny a lot these last few days. I'm staying busy but its kinda painful to have them so far away. Am cultivating other relationships, though, so that's good. But its not the same, ya know? Oh well. I'll be just fine.

Should get a move on. I'm pretty tired!

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Ahhh, blueberries. We've got some friends who have some neighbours with an awesome saskatoon berry patch...... so nice! Glad you are freexing some though, it's allways nice to have stuff if the freezer.