Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello folks!

Had a good day today.

Went over to A's today. We baked brownies, got her showered and did some of her laundry. She's really quite awesome and her mom said she asked a dozen times all morning long if her mom is going to go pick me up yet. tee hee. We get on so well! I got her mom laughing pretty good today, too, so that was rad in its own right.

Things otherwise are pretty good. Did a big grocery shop with mom this evening. I really needed to stock-up on canned goods, various veggies that we didn't grow ourselves, and meat. We went to Superstore which isn't mom's first choice but... what can I say? Its just less expensive. I'm used to keeping a running total in my head based on Pricesmart prices and what I would have gotten there for $140, I got at Superstore for $92! I even had to clean out my cupboards and reorganize so that I have room for fresh stock!

Am grooving to a little Caedmon's Call right now... "Sacred", one of my top three favourite songs by them. I couldn't find a youtube video of that song. Its really quite pretty... guess you'll just have to take my word for it. tee hee.

Time for bed.

Talk to you soon!

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