Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had another busy day.

This morning at church we had a 'dramatic reading' instead of a sermon. It was a real hoot! I must admit that I was skeptical but I offered my parents' video camera to record the presentation. It was Reformation Sunday so it was a three-way conversation between Martin, Calvin and the Pope as they meet in heaven and discuss the division in the church today. We borrowed costumes from the UFV Theatre department and gosh, did they ever look the part! The video I shot turned out pretty great. It would be nice to edit it a bit but my video editing software doesn't work properly. Oh well.

After church, mom and dad picked me up and we headed to Hope to do some more cleaning. Mom cleaned the stove/oven and behind it, too. Dad and I started painting - did the ceiling and trim. Mom and I removed all the hardware (curtain rods, light switch and electric socket covers, etc), too. We worked for about three hours before we called it quits. We're going up tomorrow afternoon to throw up the first coat of paint on the walls. It'll work out, I think.

This is one tired pumpkin who is going to go make some supper, eat it, and then hit the hay.

I'll take more pictures tomorrow. I wished I'd had my camera today - the difference between the white of what we were painting and the 'white' of the ceiling was huge! The ceiling almost looked brown compared to the fresh paint!

Talk to you soon.

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