Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello folks!

I've been busy crafting! This is Rowan's Christmas present. :o)

I had a hell of a time with the collar and the back but I think I made both work (even though the buttons aren't straight!). The dress is actually a pale pink linen with decorative flowers in darker pink. The light makes it look orange in the pictures.

My next project is two pairs of footsie PJs for Shea and Eli.

Things have been good. I've been working once a week with A, volunteering at Parkholm, volunteering big-time at church and practicing my guitar.
Dave and Paula were just here for a visit. They're the people whom Jill is staying with. Really rad folks, very very funny and good story tellers. It was nice to hear people discuss horse hooves... I can't believe how much I missed that! Dave and Paula were here for a competition and to look at their rental properties in Hope. I had supper with them at mom and dad's twice. Such a hoot!
Jill is doing well. I spoke with her today while Sue was here (Sue is one of her two BFFs). She's pretty much had a week off but has been making shoes and pickin poop out of the field. Our cousin Chad went and visited her last week and they had a good time.
I should get to bed.
Talk to you soon!

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