Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello folks!

As you can see - I've overhauled my blog. It took the better part of an afternoon but I finally figured out how to use the different programs and websites involved. I'm pretty happy with the final product!

Today was good. Church this morning was good, as usual.

Practice this morning went really well and we sang during the service just fine (Shine Jesus Shine and Step by Step). Everyone there knows Shine Jesus Shine so it was pretty loud with everyone singing and some people even clapped at the right part! I'll safely say that most people don't know Step by Step so it was much quieter but they'll learn it soon enough, I imagine.

The sermon was about companions and caring for one another (friends as well as those in need). He talked about how Paul and Timothy and this dude named Epaphroditus... and how they were 'kindred spirits'. Made me think of some of the friendships I have in my life. God has blessed me with many friends and I care about each of them deeply but my Boosom Friends are undeniably Jenny and Jen.

Went for a jaunt to Pricesmart before it got dark or it rained (which ever came first). The milk in my fridge expired yesterday but still tastes fine... I have a feeling it'll turn in the next day or so... I want to have fresh milk on hand for when that happens.

Jenny is popping over briefly to drop off some stuff and I plan to do some sewing in the meantime.

Talk to you soon!

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