Saturday, February 7, 2009


Things here are good, as usual.

Had a moderately busy day yesterday. Went for tea with Jen to Michelle's. Had a hoot. Went grocery shopping afterwards to pick up the fixings for s'mores for my cousins and then came home and cleaned so that it looked respectable for when they came over.

It was the first time I'd seen 'Top Gun'. Quite the movie. The cheese-factor was pretty high but it was a decent flick, all the same. I think everyone enjoyed the s'mores. They sure were messy but oh, so delicious. I'll definitely make marshmallows again (they're so easy to make!).

Went for a walk this afternoon to buy a new candy thermometer. My metal one died at 210*F (on its way to 240*F) so I threw my glass one in the pot in the nick of time. The glass one ended up being smashed in the wash water afterwards. My new one looks like it'll be able to take more abuse. Those other two were quite old... no wonder they gave up on me. After I visited Logan's Hardware I went off to the Elementary School play ground where I swung on the swings for 10-20 minutes before heading home. It was a lovely afternoon.

We have practice at 9:15 tomorrow morning so we're all ready to sing. Should get to bed.

Talk to you soon!

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