Sunday, February 1, 2009


That's "Good Evening" in Albanian!

Yesterday was Sunday. Had a busy morning at church - greeting, helping with Sunday School, helped count the offering. Everything went smoothly, thankfully, especially the offering. I almost panic at times but we balanced today on the first try!

Got home and putzed around on the internet, avoiding cleaning. Eventually I realized that unless I wanted Sara to see my place in such a state, I'd better get the lead out! And I did. It wasn't sparkling but it was a lot tidier by the time 3pm rolled around.

Had a lovely visit with Sara! It was awesome to see her again - its been years. We chatted away and got caught up... its good to see her doing well!

Today was an uber-quiet day. Didn't see anyone, didn't go out at all. I needed a chance to just exist and not run around from one place to the next. It was a nice day! Did some PYPS stuff, watched some Star Wars, talked to a few people on the phone, walked on the treadmill while watching Little Mosque on the Prairie... good times.

I've had all three (special edition) Star Wars movies for as long as I've lived here. Someone gave them to me when I moved out (mom's friend Marlene, I think)... I'm such a die-hard trekkie that I've put off watching them because I didn't want to believe they could be worth watching. But since I had nothing better to do, I popped the first one in and found I actually enjoyed myself. I'm not a fan of big battle/war scenes so I fast-forwarded through one of them (and didn't miss any of the plot line in doing so). I still prefer Star Trek buuuut I gotta say, Star Wars isn't half bad.

Aunty Gloria is coming over tomorrow for tea - am looking forward to seeing a human face! Not sure what the rest of the day will hold.

Wednesday is our Worship practice as well as my guitar lesson... but beyond that it looks to be a quiet week.

Talk to you soon!

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