Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey there folks!

Took a stroll to the post office this afternoon to mail a few parcels. It was a nice, brisk walk. Very chilly out there but it was lovely nonetheless. The ladies at the post office are so much fun - had a hoot there. Definitely not professional but what do I care?? Ha ha. They said life is rough when you have to work with people you actually like. I laughed out loud when they said that. I've always had great service at the post office downtown... the ladies at other post offices aren't always so friendly.

Jill and I ran a few errands earlier today, too. We went to the big dollar store out by Canadian Tire and to Zellers. Lots of fun. Picked up Valentines day presents for Jen and Jenny (just something small). I'm really excited about it and I'd tell you what it is but they both check my blog now and then and it would ruin the surprise if I mentioned it here. I'll tell you after Valentines day (if I remember)!

Jill dropped me off a little bit ago. She 'kidnapped' me and we drove out to Langley to have half-sweet Chai Tea Latte from Esquires. Yum, Yum, Yum!

Tomorrow mom and I are going to Aggasiz to pick up some Agar Agar at the health food store out there. I want to try making vegetarian marshmallows for Michelle (a friend). I also have a worship committee meeting at church at 2pm... I think we're going to talk about adding a drum kit to our praise group. Has the potential to go either good or bad. Will have to wait and see. Prayers on that note would be appreciated.

Talk to you soon!

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