Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello folks.
Today was quite lovely. Went with dad to the auto wrecker to pick up an inside door handle for mom's truck. Found the part we were looking plus the customer service was really awesome. I can't remember the name of the place but it was the one with the white fence just before you turn off to go to Cultas.
Jen and I were going to get together but she wasn't feeling so great after running her errands and appointments so we've postponed our ice cream date for another day. That's ok because it let me get some sewing done. I sewed myself the nightgown pictured here. Its made with tye-dye quilting flannel and I just love it!
The plummer is coming tomorrow morning which is kinda fun. Not sure what I'll do while he's here... its not a big place. Will likely read while he does his work and try to stay out of his way. He seems like a nice enough guy - met him the other day on my way in from picking up the mail.
Better run and clean out my bathroom cabnet. I'm getting a new sink and taps tomorrow!
Talk to you soon!

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