Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well hello folks!

Its been a few days since I wrote - please forgive me!

Church on Sunday was good. Sunday school was good - we had two kids. Kristy and Jen came over for tea at about 2:30 and we chatted away for ages. Its always good to see them. Kristy is pregnant with her and her husband's second baby. Sadie (their first) was here, too, walkin and talkin up a storm! She's 14 months and is just the cutest!

Jenny came over yesterday morning while Shea was in preschool. Eli played and had a good time while we chatted away! Had a blast! I did a little shopping after she went home. In the afternoon Jill picked me up and we went to Zellers to pick up some yarn for my shawl. She also brought me the second season of Little House on the Prairie that she ordered last week - totally exciting!

Today was quiet. Went with dad and ran a few errands. I finished my shawl without needing any of the yarn I bought yesterday so dad took me back to Zellers to return it. I baked a cake this evening for Katie's birthday. Aunt Gloria leant me her Black Forest Cake recipe. Yum! Katie is picking me up tomorrow at 11 and we're heading to mom's for lunch. The cake is part of my birthday gift to her (her birthday was at the end of Janurary but she's been super under the weather so this is the first we've been together).

I finished this shawl yesterday. I really like it - very cozy and fun to wear. Its just a huge triangle that goes around my neck, across my chest and ties behind my back. Dad seemed to think it was "riding up" but no, its supposed to look like this. I'm on a *bit* of a Little House on the Prairie kick. This is one of the ways that Caroline Ingalls ("Ma") ties her shawls.
Talk to you soon.

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