Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello folks!

We had a worship committee meeting yesterday that went well. We discussed drums and no one freaked out about anything. That's mostly thanks to Marius who did a really great job explaining that we won't be turning the praise music part of the service into a punk rock concert! I ended up taking minutes and had a hoot. I really like taking minutes but they don't call on me very often. Not entirely sure why since they always tell me I do a good job. Weird. Not that I'm asking for more work! ha ha!
I made a quick trip to the bookman and picked up a few books and then Jill and I went to Agassiz to pick up the Agar. It went great. I was planning on making the vegetarian marshmallows today but it just didn't happen. Will aim for tomorrow. The shop is called "Black Sea Organics" and the ladies were so helpful and fun! I really recommend them.

Went for supper afterwards to mom and dad's. Jill picked me up and we had yummy asparagus, among other things!

Today was devoted mostly to taking apart a crocheted bolaro sweater I made last winter. I really love the colour but it was too big and looked goofy on me. I made it with really fuzzy yarn that was a serious pain to take apart (four and a half hours). I know that that might seem like a waste of time to some people but it really wasn't that bad. About half way through I finally devised a way of unraveling it without snapping the yarn. That really sped things up! I started crocheting a triangle shawl for myself. I've got about four rows done but after working with the blasted yarn all day I couldn't stand to touch it anymore! I'll pick it up again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to Parkholm, all things being equal. Looking forward to it. Will also stop by the hospital and say hi to mom at work afterwards.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. See what I mean, best health shop around in my opinion. Good luck with the boneless marshamallows!