Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today was such a busy day my head is spinning!

Was up at 8:20am. Norma (one of the building managers) knocked on my door at 8:30 (thank goodness I was dressed!) to kindly warn me that the plummer would be using a solvent glue that stinks to high heaven so I might want to clear out while he's working if smells like that bother me. Kind of her.

The plummer arrived at about 9:30 and got right to work. I got a call from Chase (our PYPS President) shortly after the plummer showed up to tell me that he had written the letter to Cooke's, asking if we can use the church for our next convention, but his computer deleted it before he could send it and he was at work and wouldn't have a chance to send it before the Session meeting tonight where the letter is needed. So I wrote one up... didn't do a fabulous job to be honest but that's what happens when things get left to the last minute.

I left the plummer here, doing his thing and took the letter over to the church. From there I went to the pharmacy to pick up my pills and return the doses that I forgot to take (mostly afternoon doses as I was being weaned off). From there I went to a new cafe up Young Road (I think that's young rd) by the Shoppers Drug Mart. Its called "The Preserved Seed". Bought a Spiced Chai Tea Latte that was delicious. Its a kind of Bistro - soups and sandwhiches, etc. The service was really great and everyone was really friendly. I was going to sit and write a few letters while I drank my tea but by the time my order came up the only tables that were empty were tables for four. I decided that me and my tea would take a walk over to Jenny's (on Edward St). I arrived there and she invited me for lunch. We gabbed and I decided I would mosey on to Pricesmart when I realized it was 1:20pm and mom was going to pick me up at 1 to take me to Agassiz! Whoops.

I made a quick call to dad who told me that mom was on the cell and was getting groceries. Mom picked me up at Jenny's after she was done getting groceries. We headed back to the house to drop the groceries off and then went to Agassiz. One of my church ladies disappeared from church a few months ago and I finally got worried enough about her to ask her friend where she was. Turns out she's in an old-age home in Agassiz. Mom and I took a trip out there and I visited for quite a while with her and mom chatted with some nurse friends that work there. Mom got the tour of the place and even got permission for mom and I to take her on a walk next time we come to visit. She looks better then I've ever seen her look but there are definite moments of confusion for her. Nothing I can do about it though except make the most of our visits while she remembers me. I asked if I could come back and visit again and she said "Sure!". I look forward to it.

After that, mom dropped me off at home. I came in, took my shoes off and then realized that I still needed to get to Pricesmart before it got dark out to pick up the sour-cherries and whipping cream for tomorrow's cake. So I put my shoes back on and hoofed it quickly, in the pouring rain, to Pricesmart and back. I puddle jumped the entire way home - got soaking wet and elicited a few strange looks from the people passing me. oh well - that's their problem! ha! Got in and promptly got a gusher of a nosebleed... yuk. It happens.

I just got a chance to inspect the plummer's work and he didn't do much of anything in the bathroom but I got a new faucet in the kitchen and a new toilet seat (thank heavens, the other one was always falling off!). Just before I left him this morning he mentioned he'd come back and install a new bathroom sink and will fix my tub surround and put a new temperature control in the tub. I'll be seeing him again soon, I suppose.

So that was my day. I'm heading to bed now!

Talk to you soon!

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