Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey there folks!

I sure am enjoying this beautiful weather - hope you are too!

Parkholm this morning was good. We had four clients in the pool and they were all so chatty - it was great! Sometimes they just sit there and ignore our attempts at conversation but today was different. Lots of fun! I walked home but got to the park at the pool and decided that I should sit down on their lovely lawn and soak up my UV rays for the day. I had a notebook with me so I wrote a few letters. I decided it was time to move on when my legs started to fall asleep! I'm sure I was quite a site, walking funny while my feet 'woke up'. It amused me. ha ha.

Have been doing chores here and there - garbage and laundry. Am going to tidy up the rest of the dishes. Shouldn't take too long.

Katie's cake turned out great!! I've never made a layer cake before and was worried I would botch it... but I didn't! Thank you Auntie Gloria! (She gave me step-by-step instructions which really, really helped).

It was great to see Katie, Joshua and Ryan. Joshua was really quite taken with the chickens which was cool. He wasn't too sure about them at first (they come up to his belly button and they're scary looking things from that level!). But soon enough he was picking up eggs and having a great time. He wasn't too sure about the sheep and loved my hammock swing that dad sneakily put up for him. Had a lot of fun in that! Ryan is growing so much, I can hardly believe it. He's pulling himself up to stand on things and is getting into everything! So adorable! Its amazing Katie has time to breathe with two active boys!

Had a doctor's appt after the lunch with mom and Katie... just a perscription renewal. Its official - my drug load has been lessened by one dose. Totally rocks. While I was there one of the office ladies saw my shawl and asked me to make her one, too. I picked up the yarn (white and cream) on the way home from the doctor's and have begun crocheting. I'd like to have it done by Monday which means a lot of crocheting for me this weekend. We'll see... that time-line might be slightly optimistic.

Went with Jill yesterday to see the sheep and lambs that she's taking care of. They're SO adorable! I always have a good time with Jill!

Tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have any plans. Will see what comes up - something always presents itself. I should go pick a few things up for Sunday supper (beef and broccoli). I did some shopping yesterday and picked up the fixings for clam chowder... and oh my goodness does the recipe ever make a lot! I'll be eating clam chowder for weeks! My crockpot is just about full (5 quarts)! Will have to invite someone over to help me eat it. tee hee.

We're singing at church on Sunday. I missed the practice on Wednesday because I was a flake and completely forgot about it. Whoops. Sunday practice is at 9:15am. Woot.

Better get a move on and rescue my laundry from the washing machines.

Talk to you soon!

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