Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hyvää iltaa!

(Good Evening in Finnish... hey, did you know that Finland is officially the second most stable country in the world? Canada is the eleventh. Norway is the first.)

Hope you're all doing well!

Yesterday came together (as it usually does). I was a bit of a zombie in the morning but I walked over to the Ag-Rec shop to help dad saw up some plywood for some projects he's making for me and Jill. We did that and had a couple cups of tea and chatted with a few people after we were done. Dad and I loaded the wood and then he and I went to Pricesmart for a few groceries for me and then he dropped me off. Mom called a little bit later and said dad was on his way to pick me up - they were ordering Chinese food. It was lots of fun. (Mom and dad came over to help me eat my clam chowder after mom was off work on Friday. It was pretty good. I have enough left over for maybe a meal and a half. woot. I'm so thankful they helped me eat it. I would have had to freeze the left overs).

Today was a full day.

Worship practice went well. We sang fine in the service, too. The sermon feels like forever ago but I do remember that it was Transfiguration Sunday so that's what the children's story was about. I remember Rev. Willem mentioning that we need to walk to road of suffering with Jesus. Kinda struck me as a "suck it up" sorta deal. Not in a bad way, though. Suffering is everywhere and we need to learn to deal with it as Christ would. I found out after the service that one of my lady friends who hasn't been to church in quite a while isn't doing very well. Hurts my heart to think of her not being herself. Mom and I are going to visit her on Tuesday. I'm looking forward that. I have quite a few friends that are seniors and I hate seeing them become ill. I know that they'll eventually go on home to Jesus but I feel a bit selfish and want them to stay here!

Jen came over after she was done at church which totally boosted my spirits. We went out for Sushi and then over to her place where I took a cat nap on their couch. After I woke up we went over to her sister's place (next door). She and her partner Pie (or maybe its Pye, can never remember) are such hoots! Love 'em both! We went back to her place and ate supper with her family and then went on an adventure to Walmart. Turns out their portrait studio closes at 5 on Sundays so I could shop in the clear and not worry about seizures. woot! I bought some Campbell's soup (50 cents a can!) and a new top ($14)

Jen dropped me off about an hour and a half ago and I'm ready for bed!

Talk to you soon!

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