Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dobry wieczór!

That's "Good Evening" in Polish!

(I don't have a Polish bone in my body but I thought it would be fun to find greetings in other languages!)

Parkholm yesterday was dandy. We had three clients in the pool - lots of chatter and fun! Jan saved me a bunch of her egg cartons so I gave them to dad when he picked me up afterwards. We headed out to Rosedale to let the dog out where Jill was house sitting and then he brought me home. Jen and Jenny came over at about 3:30/4ish. Its always good to see them!

Had a PYPS Executive meeting today in Abbotsford. John was there to bridge the gap between PYPS and the Task Force (the task force was put together by Synod to look at Youth Ministry in the province). It was awesome to have him there - both he and Kathy have incredible insight into PYPS, youth ministry, not to mention life-experience that we can draw on. As I told Kathy and Adam in the car ride home (to quote my cousin Steve), I'm "suffering an acute lack of give-a-damn" when it comes to PYPS. I love the organization and I think it does good things for youth and young adults but my time there is drawing to an end and that's a good thing. I've taken on a few jobs - registration, transportation and finding a cook - for our next youth event (ages 14-17) in May but not too many jobs. I try to avoid swamping myself! We're looking at a number of places to have our event but one of them is more exciting then the rest. I can't tell you what it is yet but hopefully we'll get the word (yes or no) in about a month. I'll update you then!

Dad and I are watched the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. I thought it was really well done... a total "good guy saves the day" sorta deal.

Tomorrow is church. I'm greeting, helping with Sunday school and am counting offering with Arlys (rad lady!). Apparently there's two offerings that we somehow have to keep separate. Not sure how to do that. I'm sure we can figure it out but clear direction is always nice!

Sara is coming over at 3 tomorrow. I haven't seen her in eons! It'll be good to catch up with her, for sure!

Talk to you soon!

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