Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Howdy folks!
Went to Liquidation World with mom today and found next year's Christmas tree! It cost.... $5.75! Its all set up and I really like it. It'll look great with the rest of the decorations on it... I threw a few Christmas balls on it for effect. I've never assembled an artificial Christmas tree before.. it was quite the production. I'll take it apart tomorrow and put it in storage til next year.
I went to Rosedale yesterday and today to let out the dog Jill's housesitting this week. Adorable dog - part Great Dane, Black Lab and Rottweiler. Just freakin' adorable with an amazing temperment! I love 'im! He's a bit too big to be an apartment dog, though. ha ha. I get to visit him on Thursday and Friday, too, because Jill will be taking her Farrier Certification test. Think happy horse-shoe thoughts for her, if you can!

Picked up some veggies at Pricesmart and the fixings for beef and broccoli. Had quite the adventure trying to find Oyster sauce. I didn't even know what I was looking for but eventually found it with the Asian food items. Got to see quite a bit of Pricesmart that I don't normally look at!
Jen came over for a movie - she just left. We had a great time watching Sister Act 2... its a great movie... lots of laughs!

Tomorrow I've got a Dr's appt to discuss a bunch of stuff including medication and maybe cutting back on some of it. We'll see what he has to say... hopefully it'll be good positive things.

Talk to you soon!

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