Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello again!

Yesterday's teleconference was pretty good. 'We' accomplished in 2 hours what would normally take six or eight (not including the drive to Vancouver or Victoria). I felt somewhat useless since the scope of what I do is so small (PYPS - youth work) compared to what the other members deal with. The question was 'if Kathy's job fell off the face of the earth, what would the church miss'. The question caught me so off guard so when it came my turn to answer I didn't have anything to say. All I could say is that I would miss the work Kathy does immensly.

So much has changed within PYPS (Presbyterian Young People's Society) that I hardly know which way is up... Kathy is stepping back from hands-on work with us and will become a mentor to the new youth workers. She's been mentoring us hands-on (often crisis-management-style) for seven years now and its hard to imagine it any other way! PYPS is getting three new mentors (youth workers) who are going to help us plan our events, etc. I don't deal well with change at the best of time so I'm doubly glad I'll be gone in June when I turn 25. It seems like a good opportunity to exit stage left. I'm the very last of the old-guard, time for the new guard to step forward.

PYPS has meant a lot to me over the last five years. As many migranes as I've had over it, it has given me a sense of purpose while I haven't been working in the secular world. I know there have been times when I've said "Enough is enough!" but in the end it will be very hard to walk away from the fufillment it gives me.

Moving on...

Made a trip to Fabricland today and picked up some fabric for a few new headscarves/ covers. I got this really pretty purply-pinky-yellow batik that I'm thrilled about as well as some pink linen. Jenny kept throwing fabric over my head to see how it would look. I laughed so hard! I also bought this awesome patch for my sweater. It reminds me of a song we sing at camp... "Shut de door, keep out de debil. Shut de door, keep de debil in de night" I couldn't help but sing it as I sewed it on though I've forgotten most of the verses! (And Jenny knows that for a fact, she was sitting across from me!)

Tomorrow morning, Aunty Gloria is coming over. It'll be nice to have tea with her. In the afternoon mom and I are going on a bit of a trip to Promontory to drop off one of my grad-style gowns to a lady who will take it to Vancouver to be part of "The Cinderella Project". They give gently-used Grad gowns to Gr.12 girls who can't afford to buy one on their own. She was excited to hear mine is plus-sized as there are few options for plus-sized girls (I know this well). I'm going to give her the red one I wore in Melissa's wedding party as I can't quite part with my blue one. I'm happy that they'll get put to good use since I only wore the red dress just the once.

I read this chunk of scripture today and it really spoke to me. Thought I would share it with you.
"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Talk to you soon!

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