Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello again folks.

Just finished up a late-night batch of cookies - coconut/oatmeal haystacks. Super easy and super delicious. They're just setting now... they'll go in the freezer tomorrow. I'm at a crisis low of cookies to serve company. Better fix that, eh?

Am excited about going out for supper tomorrow! A little nervous, too, but I'll be just fine. I've learned to leave my seizures in God's hands. No point in me worrying and fretting. It really is a combination of common-sense and divine protection. Will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow.

Its unfortunate but I really have to do dishes tonight. I'm out of cutlery and I've got two plates and two bowls left. Alas, the time has come.


Dishes are half done. I'm calling it quits. I ran out of space for them to dry... will let 'em dry overnight and put them away tomorrow when I go to wash the rest. All I can say is... I hope my future husband loves to wash dishes (or we have an automatic dishwasher whose name isn't Danielle!) Tee hee!

Hope you are all well!

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