Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey there folks!

Had a fun evening tonight.

Today was Jill's birthday so we celebrated with Chinese food and cake. Gave the birthday girl a few gifts, too. One of them was the game Cranium. I've heard good things about the game and have watched half a round but had never played it before tonight. Jill and I are totally in tune with each other and kicked mom and dad's butts! My favourite moment was Jill trying to draw an 'exterminator'. We lost that round, lets just say!

Jill has a thing for brown and blue so I made her a necklace out of brown and blue beads. She likes it and has requested matching earrings. I'll have a stop by the bead store before the 11th (the big family party). Should be good. It won't be a surprise since we already discussed bead-order, etc. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, though!

Earlier today I moved a bookcase into my dinette... my cookbooks and tinfoil needed a better home then the one shelf they've been crammed onto for the last 10 months. It looks much better and if my wax paper and recipes could talk, they'd thank me! Dad is tossing around the idea of making me a simple buffet and hutch for that wall in my dinette. That would be really rad!

Dad got his glasses today and do they ever look good!! They did such a good job picking out his frames you'd hardly even notice he was wearing them! So nice! New glasses always come with a period of adjustment... I think he'll do just fine.

It would appear that I'm getting my earlier wish for three days of rain. The forcast is calling for rain til Sunday with occasional flurries on Friday. Depending on how much snow has melted tomorrow and how deep the puddles are, I'm going on a soggy walk to the post office to mail the stack that's been piling up on my desk. I also have a guitar lesson tomorrow night. Am looking forward to that, too!

The dishes are calling me but bed is shouting louder.

Talk to you later!

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