Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello folks!

Had a lovely cuppa tea with Aunty Gloria yesterday. We caught up on each other's happenings and solved the worlds problems. tee hee. Ok, maybe not. But we did chatter away. She bought me some beautiful boxes that I plan to put my scarves in... I'll stack them in the bathroom... maybe on the back of the toilet... not exactly classy but I think it'll be pretty!

Mom picked me up afterwards and we went to drop off my Grad dress. It was an awesome thing. The lady told me all about their project - my eyes watered at what they do for these girls. They get donations of jewlery, gloves, and shoes and they get hairdressers all lined up. Then they get all the girls together and they get all dolled up! Once they're ready, they get professional photographs taken. She was thankful for my dress and invited me out to their day but the chances of there being flash photography are quite high so I passed. I'm happy to participate in this fashion. They also take clothes for the guys, as far as I know. So ladies and gents - if you have a gown in the back of your cloest, don't hesitate to donate it to "The Cinderella Project". It makes all the difference in the world to a girl who can't afford a fancy dress for grad.

Had a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Bookman with Jenny, Josh, Shea and Eli. I talked to Jenny just as they were heading out the door for a walk so I met them at the bookman and we looked around. I bought two new books - a Kristin Heitzman (sp?) and a Jodi Picoult. Looking forward to them but I have to finish Harry Potter first!

Did some sewing yesterday, too. Converted a pair of jeans into a skirt. I'm not 100% in love with it but Jenny said it looks great. Maybe it'll grow on me. I hemed the batik fabric and sewed in two combs. It stays on my head great with two combs. I think I'll do that to all my scarves. The picture is of my new scarf. Love, love, love it!

You've probably noticed the music playing in my blog. Give me your feedback on it. It skips for me but I dunno if that's my computer or if its the track thats skipping. Let me know what you think!

Went to Parkholm today. I stood on my patio before I left and decided it wasn't so cold out. Decided to go in a tshirt and sweater. Thankfully I took a pair of mittens! Just as I got to the corner the wind picked up and all I can say is brrrr! Got all the way to Parkholm and was just about to sign in when Shannon came around the corner with two of the clients to tell me that the pool is 5 degrees and we won't be swimming today! Oh well. It was a nice, albeit cold, walk.

Jill took me to Langley to hang out with her while she timed herself doing a front shoeing on Pheonix. Lovely horse. Jill's taking her farrier certification test on Thursday which is pretty exciting. She'll have an hour to do her thing... she finished today with 8 minutes left on the timer. I thought she did a pretty good job but then, what do I know about horse shoes? tee hee

Dad and I just got home from Staples. My printer went on the fritz about three weeks ago and its been a thorn in my side. I didn't realize how much I actually printed! He picked one up for me on sale and it even scans and copies... for what I need it for, it'll be perfect!

Bed is calling me but I want to finish setting up this printer!

Talk to you soon!!

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