Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello folks!

Got together with Jen this afternoon and did some shopping. Got to the post office and picked up some stamps (really cute ones!). I always get the same lady at the post office and that's perfectly ok with me because she's super cute and really fun! I've asked her if my parcels could be held at the main post office instead of going to the Shopper's Drug Mart branch... that way I could pick them up on my own. (The Shopper's branch has a passport picture booth that has a fabulous white flash bulb. I became aquainted with their floor once... haven't been back since). The lady at the main branch was really helpful and said she'd get back to me tomorrow.

May I share with you a piece of frustration? Here we go:

I've had tremendous success with CD Plus in the past but there's a CD I want for dad and its causing problems. I ordered it in March for dad's birthday in April. I called a week before his birthday and it wasn't in, they said that the order was placed incorrectly so they re-placed the order... I figured it would be in for Father's Day in June. I called in mid-June and it wasn't in. They said the order was placed incorrectly and they would re-order it. I pretty much forgot about it after that. I called again in September, thinking I could give it to him for his Retirement and guess what? The order had been placed incorrectly so they reordered it. (At this point I'm beginning to dectect a pattern). I figured that it would be here for Christmas so when I didn't hear back from them by November, I called them. I explained how many times I had re-ordered this CD (four) and what my frustration was. She apologized and once again and re-ordered the CD with her promises that it would be here for Christmas. Its now Janurary and I still don't have the CD in my hands. I called them about a week ago to ask what the problem was and spoke very strongly. He said the order (for once) was placed correctly and that he wasn't sure why it hadn't come in. He said he'd call me back when he found out. And all this time there was confusion when I called about whether I was Danielle or Diane. Turns out, some lovable idiot mistook my name when they re-ordered it in April and ordered it under "Diane". Apparently the CD came in, they called me and asked for Diane. I didn't have call display and didn't know it was the CD store calling so I told them that there was no Diane at this number. They then held the CD for a month and sold it to someone else at the end of July. I kept my cool when I found this out but I really just wanted to reach through the phone and knock a few heads together. I called them earlier today and it still isn't in. Again, she said she'd get back to me. I've 'bout had it with them. Like I said earlier, I have had success ordering and buying stuff from them but this CD is clearly going to be a thorn in my side. I wouldn't fight so hard but dad specifically asked for a song that's on this CD. I can't give up now! My patience has an experation date, though. If it isn't here by March (a full year from when I first ordered it), there will angry letters written.

So that's the story of dad's Birthday/Father's Day/Retirement/Christmas CD. I'll let you know when I actually get it.

Had worship practice tonight. Lots of discussion on how to re-position the instruments and what to do with the communion table now that the instruments might be taking over. There was discussion about a drum kit maybe making its way into our ensemble - I'm pretty excited about that possibility though there were some present who aren't quite as thrilled at the prospect. We sang for a few minutes but it more closely resembled a committee meeting then a worship practice. That's ok - it was good discussion all 'round. It was a nice short walk... the night air is so crisp... it was lovely!

Just devoured supper... my first crockpot meal. I had two buffalo steaks in my freezer, threw them (thawd) in with some chopped up potatoes, carrots, celery and mushrooms. Threw some Ranch salad dressing on top and let it cook for 8 hours. Yum. Deliciousness

Talk to you soon!

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