Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have success, folks!

My first restaurant excursion went off without a hitch. We were seated in the back dining room, away from the overhead fans. The staff at Homer's was awesome, very helpful and gracious with my limitations. Its such a cute restaurant - I'd definitely go there again.

The three of us (me, Jen and Jenny) were super surprised when the waitress told us that "your cheque was taken care of by one of your mothers". That was pretty cool. Thanks mom!! Mom, dad and Jill sat at a different table in the main room and popped in to make sure all was well at our table. It was a nice balance.

The three of us came back to my place for tea and cookies while we gabbed and relaxed. Its so good to have them over! It was a nice way to celebrate Jen's anniversary. Next year Elie will be here so they can celebrate together as a couple, we hope.

I'm going to go read my book and try to unwind from the excitement of this evening.

Talk to you soon.

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