Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Morning folks.

Hope you guys are all good.

We've just finished a late morning cuppa tea and are getting ready to start lunch. Not sure what that'll look like but I'm sure inspiration will strike.

There's been a minor war over Shea's new glasses. Apparently Eli likes them more than Shea does. It was bound to happen, I suppose. The 'cool' factor has worn off... she's not too inclined to wear them. But she does look adorable in them!

Eli managed to make a disaster of all of Josh's special card games... I'm sure he'll be thrilled (not). Oh, they're playing hide and go seek now! Jenny and I were both wondering where they get their energy from. teehee.

Shea woke up aunty Deedee this morning. As much as I groan when I hear the bedroom door open, I think I'll miss it when I go home. The chaos is beautiful in its own maddening way!

Not sure what all we'll get up to today. We need milk so we'll head out to the store at some point this afternoon.

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