Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just got home from church. It was a very uplifting service. There's still a lot of missing people but I continue to listen, pray, not get involved in the craziness and am following Willem. Its a plan that seems to be working! I helped with Sunday School, we had two kids. The lesson was on the 10 commandments and we did some activities and crafts. All told, a good morning.

Mom, dad and Jill are coming over tonight for supper. I'm going to give them their little gifts and spend quality time together. I'm making homemade tomato soup - I found the recipe online that calls for canned tomatoes (the kind I can actually eat!) and its quite delicious (so long as I remember to take out the bay leaf and not accidentally mince it in the soup! whoops!). I've got some cleaning to do and then I'll start the soup. Its a quick one, takes about an hour to make, all told.

I've had quite a hard time adjusting to the new time zone plus catching up on sleep after my 26 hour day on Wednesday/Thursday. That was more than I could bear plus the plugged ears and sinus infection. I'm glad to be doing better. Thanks to Dr. Fitzpatrick at the Chilliwack Emerg for medicating me!

Moving forward with Joy

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