Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello to my friends and family!

Things here continue to truck along really well. Am having a really fantastic time.

Yesterday was a chill day. We went to "abba" and "amma's" house last night for supper. (That's what the kids call their Grandma and Grandpa). It was delicious and the company was good. They have their 17 y/o relative (of some description... maybe a cousin or nephew) Theo staying with them. He's an exchange student from Germany and is hilarious!

Eli and I did some baking yesterday. I'm pro-star at baking with kids after all my experience with A. Fortunately all he wanted to do was stir and eat the batter. Thank to Auntie Gloria for sending me the instructions for Amish Bread. I brought the starter with me but forgot the recipe. Whoops! I also divided the started so we got four loaves out of the deal. I only brought one box of instant pudding so for one batch we had to use instant custard. Everyone says it turned out really great. I haven't tasted it yet.

Jenny is currently doing battle with Shea in the shower. tee hee. They don't have a bath tub here so its a bit of a production to get the kids clean. Eli loves the shower and hops at any opportunity to shower but Shea is another story.

Not sure what kinds of shenanigans we'll get up to today. We're about to have a discussion about that once the kids are out of the shower and Jenny has dried off!

Moving Forward with Joy.

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