Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello everyone.

Its a cloudy day in the town of Head of Jeddore. They're forcasting rain for the next couple days... which is really good because we want to go to Peggy's Cove tomorrow to see the lighthouse. We're going after spring break is over here, on a week day and if its raining on top of all that then maybe it'll be deserted so I can get some good flash-free pics of the lighthouse.

Shea and I have had the opportunity to play 'horses' a couple of days in a row now... she's got a zillion different horses so I got one, a flying unicorn and she got the saddle horse. Unfortunately the big scary monster got to the saddle horse before my flying unicorn could get to her. The monster ate the saddle horse's heart and ran off... as gruesome as that is, its a good thing my flying unicorn was hot on the heels of the monster and carried a roll of duct tape. We saved the poor saddle horse's missing heart and wound with duct tape and unicorn kisses. I mean, really, of course that would work! Josh said Red Green would be proud!!

We went to the in-laws last night for supper - atlantic lobster! It was quite the experience. Even though I've had lobster twice it was still confusing and frustrating but SO worth it! They have two German teenagers staying with them... their cousins. One of them has been here for the past year going to school and the other lad is this guys cousin, a close friend. They're both hilarious and even the kid who came from Germany just yesterday's english was pretty decent.

I'm not sure what all we'll get up to today. I'm still sick. Ugh. Two more sleeps. I'm dreading leaving here but also looking forward to coming home. I'm going to miss Jenny SO much, Josh and the kids, too. Jenny's talking about maybe coming out west in a year or so to see her folks. That would be nice!

Moving forward with Joy

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  1. Oh man, I'm laughing so hard hearing how the unicorn duct tape story unfolded. That is one for the books!