Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well hello!

Things here are goin' pretty good.

Auntie Gloria came over for tea this morning and we gabbed away!

I'm just thinking about heading over to Liquidation World - Auntie Gloria was just there and found a lot of awesome stuff. Michelle said they've got "method" brand hand soap on sale... I've been looking for a scent-free liquid hand soap that isn't anti-bacterial. Pretty hard to find, apparently! Michelle said that Method soap is pretty good for that. Will see what I can find.

I also got some nice pictures developed from my trip so I framed a few of them in my bathroom and I have a nice one of me at Peggy's Cove with the lighthouse that I'm framing for mom and dad. I also got a copy of it for me. I'm really looking forward to hanging it in my bathroom. A strange place for pictures of lighthouses, maybe, but I find I can hang random pictures in there and it won't disturb the rest of the decor/mood of my house. Will see if Liquidation World has picture frames, too.

Dad and I are making uber progress on my buffet and hutch. We're trying to figure out what we want the hutch to look like. I'm taking suggestions - let me know if there's a hutch design that you like! Dad's done a ton of work on it and I'm so excited to be helping (at his direction!).

My date with the dentist yesterday was fantastic, in the most sarcastic sense. I had a cavity to be filled but when they ground it away (kinda reminds me of the smell of burnt horse hoof) they found a second cavity. Shame on me! I forgot completely about those gigantic needles they use to freeze your mouth/face with. Yikes. I'm glad I forgot!! Lets hope it'll be another five years before I get another cavity.

Should get a move on.

Moving Forward with Joy

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