Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just getting the Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. It'll be a miracle if there's any kids. If they do show up, the lesson is on Noah's Ark and we'll be doing a paper craft.

Things here are going reasonably well. Got a ranting email from one of the ladies in the church choir this afternoon. She sent it to a bunch of other people. Its quite... interesting.

I talked to Jenny today before I went over and hung out with A. Jenny is so excited about us visiting. She's got her house in order... I called her while she was making space for all of us to sit at the dining room table. Four sleeps!!!

I'm heading over to mom and dad's on Monday afternoon to do up all my laundry, then I can pack it away on Tuesday afternoon. Then Friday I hop on a plane and fly across the country!

Time to think about bed.

Moving Forward with Joy.

P.S. I trust that it was ok with everyone that I removed the music from my blog. I decided that it would be best, so that my relatives on dial-up would be able to read my blog while I'm gone.

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