Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well folks! Good morning to you!

Just to put you all at ease, I made it safely to Jenny's humble abode seizure-free!!!

The flight was uneventful. We stopped in Edmonton and Toronto and then got off in Halifax... it was quite the day flying over the Rocky Mountains, the prairies, the great lakes (or just one lake). Jen and I had our row to ourselves on our way to Edmonton (it was a surprise to go to Edmonton, we thought we were flying to Calgary). Jen slept a bit on the way to Edmonton and then we both crashed for an hour on top of each other on the 3.5 hour flight to Toronto. Jen brought travel scrabble and that kept us amused after we woke up.

The flight attendants were fantastic! The one gal kept things lively and interesting while they did the safety proceedures, etc - it was quite funny. When we boarded she looked at our boarding passes and said "you guys are with us all the way..." in a way that made us laugh. She even pointed us out to the rest of the 120 people on the plane "we brought these two all the way from Abbotsford!"

Jen and I were so stunned when we arrived in Halifax. We waited and were some of the last people to get off the plane. Jenny and Josh were there waiting for us. I had just stepped through the doors to the greeting area when I heard Jenny shout "Camera!!", I closed and covered my eyes and was the assualted by people trying to protect me. Jenny lead me out of the airport and Jen and Josh picked up our luggage.

It was SOOO good to see Jenny! I woke up this morning and couldn't believe where I was. Its so unreal! We had breakfast not that long ago and watched the kids make paintings. Loads of fun. Its so good to be here in the chaos. We had a morning cuppa tea - very peaceful! I brought my big teapot with me, its so awesome to be drinking tea out of it with 'my girls'. Jenny's teapot isn't big enough for all of us plus my pot is perfectly seasoned. :o)

My heart is so happy to be here but I'm still a-prayin' for my Cooke's family.

I should get goin' but I hope to post pictures in the next couple of days.

Chat soon.

Moving forward with Joy


  1. So happy for you Danielle! I am loving reading of your adventures! Mav says hello and Boogey is super excited to be your pal soon! XOX.

  2. Sounds like tons of fun! :)