Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey there folks!

Its a quiet morning in the McEwen house. Shea has gone to school, Eli is watching a movie and Rowan is chillin' with dad.

I took these pictures yesterday and hope to take more tomorrow.

The top picture is of Shea riding her 'horse' Brusa. Its adorable! She plays with that swing like its a real horse. Brusa even has a bridle, bit and reigns. Its really a bright pink jump rope. Three cheers for imagination!

A cozy family - Jenny, Josh and Rowan

Shea washing her horse. Jenny said she does this often. She also checks her feet (which are really the stirups - sp?) and takes her to the farrier. It was adorable and also kinda sad - she really would love to work with a real horse. She's slightly obsessed... reminds me of someone else I know... teehee. .

Shea asked me if I had a sister. I said yes, her name is Jill. Shea's eyes got really big and I said "the farrier". Shea nodded and said "yes, she takes care of the horses and their feet!"
My heart melted.

Rowan on Jenny's back.

Eli sneeking ice to throw at Brusa, the horse swing... much to Shea's shegrin.

Will take more pictures today and write more tomorrow. Its still super early for you guys but I hope you all have a good day.
Moving forward with Joy

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