Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello folks!

I just had the pleasure of watching Shea give her new barbie-style horse's mane a trim. Fortunately she got it at Value Village so its not such a crisis but she was so careful with it. Adorable.

The kids and I baked Jenny's birthday cake this morning. We doubled the recipe and made 2 9x13" pans... its going to be black forest cake (Auntie Gloria's recipe) but she didn't have round cake pans so we'll make it two layers instead of three and they'll be sheet-cake sized. Ah well, ya gotta make do. To top that off, they don't have jarred sour cherries anywhere near here... I had to buy pre-fab cherry pie filling. (YIK!) At least the whipping cream is the real deal. I should have listened to my instinct and brought a jar of cherries with me. Oh well. Jenny's happy either way. I also forgot to buy marashino cherries to decorate it with but Jenny does have bakers chocolate I can grate onto the top. Its going to be my best attempt with limited resources. teehee.

Lunch is pretty quick. I cooked a Demerse-raised chicken last night but it came out of the oven so late that we ended up not eating it... we're picking it apart for chicken sandwhiches today. Jenny made fresh bread for the sandwiches, too. YUM!

I have come down with a fantastic head cold that's starting to feel more like a sinus infection. I'm hoping to wait until I come back to see the doctor but we're taking it day by day. I went to bed uber early last night and slept reasonably well until 3:30am... I took an antihistamine which cleared up my stuffed up nose enough for me to fall back asleep. I hope my blocked ears clear enough so that the flight home isn't painful.

Should get a move on!

Moving forward with Joy.

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