Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello folks!

The service today was good. There were 74 people for worship this morning. I had the Sunday school class so I don't know what the sermon was like (we had one kid in Sunday School - an improvement on last week). At the beginning of the service our Minister read a message from Presbytery. Presbytery is the regional grouping of churches (the entire upper and lower Fraser Valley).... they sort of oversee things going on in all the churches here. They got wind of the trouble that's going on and are forming a committee to deal with what's going on at Cooke's. I don't think anyone is sure what Presbytery will say or do or decide. I don't think there's any sense in worrying - but still, everything that's happening plus Presbytery's visit is distressing.

There's still an awful lot of finger-pointing. People are trying to assign blame on one person or group of people when really, the problem/situation is systemic. We're all somehow involved and somehow guilty.

There were a few choir members who joined us in the pews today but I'd say about 90% of the choir have chosen to go elsewhere. We were missing about a quarter of the congregation. It wasn't as bad as many had feared. There were a couple people who showed up this morning just to say their goodbyes and then left, claiming that they'll never come back. I didn't realize that that's what was going on until I saw one gal leave the room in tears. Her two friends came to say goodbye.

I was pleased so see so many familiar faces, though they were all very grim. I tried to worship God with as much joy as I could muster. Its hard when faced with something so difficult... but isn't this exactly when God calls us to worship Him? When we're faced with something we can't see our way through, shouldn't we just leave it in God's hands and worship him with thankful hearts that we have someone to care for us?

I had supper at mom and dad's - dad made my favourite - a salt-packed roast. So Good! It isn't at all salty... its kinda hard to explain but it sure is delicious. I might take the recipe with me to Jenny's and make it for her and the family! Jill and I ran errands after supper - a few groceries and snacks for our flight.

My Elder is coming over tomorrow morning for tea so I ought to go do the dishes that are waiting for me in the sink.

Moving Forward with Joy.

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