Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm so pleased to report that my trip to Nova Scotia and back have been seizure-free. Thank you to all of you who prayed for me and my safety and for 'traveling mercies'.

The trip home was painful and exhausting. I've managed to acquire a sinus infection that blocked my ears in the most painful manner. After we dropped Jen off, mom and dad took me to Emerg so I could get something for the pain and for some antibiotics. The trip was very long... we didn't leave Halifax until 3:40pm local time... and we arrived in Chilliwack at 11pm local time. Which was closer to 3am for Jen and I. We were both completely done and could have sat down and cried. Well, I could have. Jen was stoic and did get little bits of sleep. I was unable - my ears were screaming at me.

Mom and dad surprised me with a few additions to my house - cleaned carpets (did you know that I have light blue rugs?! I thought they were a medium grey!). Mom cleaned all my windows and dad built me the most fantastic over-the-toilet storage cabinet. I love it! Dad also fixed my bi-fold closet doors, built me brand new fantastic shelves for my storage closet and a set of shelves for my coat closet. And he fixed my cutlery drawer so it won't fall out when you go to grab a fork! All told, pretty freakin' fantastic! It was better than Christmas!

I'm doing some computer 'house keeping' and then I plan to reorganize my bathroom with what little energy I have left. It'll be early to bed for me.

Again, thanks for the prayers and thoughts. You guys all had a hand in making this trip a success. I can't wait to go again... will have to save my pennies!

Moving forward with Joy.

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  1. It was sooo wonderful to have you come for a visit. I'm already looking forward to the next one! I'm sorry you aquired a nasty cold from us though...guess what, I have it now. Took it's time getting around to me:P At least I don't have to fly!