Monday, March 15, 2010


We've just returned from shopping in Porter's Lake. Shea picked out her first glasses, they'll be ready in a week (not sure why, the lenses might have to be brought in from afar). I got to stay in the van with Eli while he slept... that was a blessing since he really has a hard time in stores, wanting things he can't have. Jenny says that Shea's glasses are rectangular square metal ones in a ravishing shade of raspberry

We went to Superstore afterwards and did some shopping. Its waaaay nicer than the Superstore in Chilliwack! And they bag your groceries for you - a real treat! I tried to find sour cherries so Jen and I can make Jenny's birthday cake. They didn't have any but in the process of finding that out I got a tour of the store and was told a few stories about how my tour guide (just a store clerk) made cherry pie for her family when she was 11 in Ontario and didn't realize that the pits needed to be removed! I thanked her for both the story and the tour and told her that the people at Superstore in Chilliwack aren't half as friendly and helpful. She laughed and said "you're in the Maritimes, dear, get used to it!"

I couldn't help but crack up!

Doug and Monika just called and have invited us for supper. Gotta get a move on!

Better get a move on!

Moving forward with Joy

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  1. I love shades of raspberry.......... mostly just on raspberries though. :)