Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello folks!

We've had an adventureous couple of days.

Yesterday's adventure took us back to Musquodoboit Harbour to Jenny's in-laws for hamburgers for supper... it was lovely to chat and see everyone. The kids adore their grandparents! And its clear that the grandparents adore the kids!!

We came home from there, put the kids to bed and then hung out for a bit. Josh restarted the fire (quite the production with green wet wood) so he threw out all the old ash... there was a cloud of dust that came up out of the garbage but the lid closed... and the 'dust' kept pouring out the sides of the garbage can! I opened it to see red embers sizzling at the bottom of the can with huge clouds of smoke rising into my face. I took the garbage can outside while Jenny got a few bowls of water and we put the fire out - laughing all the way!

I brought the second season of Little Mosque on the Prairie so we watched a bit of that and ate ice cream - yum!

Today our adventures took us to Hailfax. We left early this morning and headed into Dartmouth and across the toll bridge - so great and SO beautiful. Halifax has so many cool old buildings and the neatest shops. I got some shopping down and took a few pictures. Might get a chance to upload them after the kids go to bed. Jen took a whole bunch so if you're on facebook then you can look at them on her page.

We made our way down to the harbour to get fish and chips but the minute we turned the corner Jenny spotted a few people with cameras. That was a dealbreaker for me... Jenny walked me back to the car and we waited there for Josh, Jen and the kids. They said that the good part of the harbour was closed off and there weren't many tall ships parked so it didn't take them long to hoof it back to us. We hit up McDonald's for lunch. Kind of a disappointing alternative to Fish and Chips!! That's ok, its the company that counts. A good time was had by all!

We'll have a snack-y supper... none of us are really hungry. I'm just thirsty! They have great well water here. It doesn't taste all that different from Chilliwack. Thank goodness. I had visions of me having to drink abbotsford-type water for two weeks. That's SO not the case. Delicious! Jenny said its a drilled well.

Hope you're all well.

Moving forward with Joy

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